Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya entered the show due to dull wedding season, claims close friend Megha Israni

Rahul Vaidya’s friend, Megha Israni, has revealed why the former participated in Bigg Boss this year despite being invited from last 7-8 years.


Bigg Boss 14 was being highly awaited this year as the show was to start amidst the ongoing pandemic. Ever since the show has started on 3rd October, the fanbase of the show is unable to hold themselves as this year’s participant have been really entertaining and sporty so far. One of the participants this year is the famous singer, Rahul Vaidya, who also sang off-screen at various weddings. However, his friend Megha Israni has revealed why Rahul has opted to join the show this season amidst the pandemic.

In a conversation with SpotboyE, Megha Israni revealed that Rahul was being invited for the show since the past 7-8 years however, he always declined the invitation as he does not like to let go of his freedom. She was quoted saying, “Rahul has been getting Bigg Boss offered for the last 7-8 years but he has always rejected the offer because he thought he is not the apt contestant as he is someone who doesn’t like to give up on his freedom. The freedom part has always bothered him. And the second most important reason was timing. So every year Bigg Boss usually comes between November to February which is a wedding season and he does about 80-100 shows within a year and maximum at that time. In November and December he does about 30 shows in two months. So, wedding being his major business and 80 percent of revenue comes from there he always used to prioritise that. Also, he likes travelling and with this you get to travel to the best places across the world in such weddings. So, he never ever wanted to lose out on the season part of it.” Megha further added that “The whole Covid situation has kind of stopped the wedding and no major Sangeets are happening. And when this year again the makers approached him, I think it was just a perfect move for the career perspective. Ab logo ko kya lockdown ki aadat bhi hogai thi. We all have learnt that getting stuck at one place is not that impossible. Wedding business was anyway down, so we thought it’s a great career move for him.”

Talking about Rahul’s game tactics, Megha was quoted saying, “Rahul is playing a fantastic game as he is not getting into stupid arguments like many other contestants. He is a very mature person and he is showing that maturity inside. He is a fun person and knows well how to play his cards. He has gone with a vision to be in the house for a long time. People inside are playing for today but I guess he is playing for the future. He is very balanced in his personal space and I could see him the same inside also”.

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