Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan wants Jasmin Bhasin to get married to Aly Goni

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Mahajan teases Jasmin Bhasin and expresses his opinion that she should get married.

Ever since Aly Goni’s exit, Jasmin Bhasin has been missing him a lot. In an episode, Jasmin had a heartfelt discussion with Vikas Gupta as she realised that how she has been off since Aly’s exit. However, to cheer her up, Rahul Mahajan teases her, and says that she should get married to Aly. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul tells Rubina Dilaik that Jasmin should get married soon.

In the clip, Rahul express his opinion that Jasmin should get married to Aly. Rubina chuckles and says that everyone wants Jasmin to get married. Jasmin questions Rahul’s thought on her wedding. He says, “Shaadi ki umar ho chuki hai, ladka bhi hai.” Rubina laughs at Rahul’s comment. Jasmin blushes and asks him, “Who is the guy?”


Rahul tells her, “Vahi jiska tum intezar kar rahi thi, jo ghar mein vapis aa sakta hai.” Jasmin mutters, “Aapko lagta?” Rahul informs her that if that person returns then she will have to marry that person. Jasmin looks surprised.

Further, Rahul says, “Yahi pe shaadi karvayenge, fir uska alag se agreement banega, usmein se 20% mein rakhunga.” Jasmin adds that if two friends care for each other and love each other, should they get married? To which Rahul replies, “Bestfriend se hi shaadi karni chayey.” Jasmin tells him, “Toh voh bestfriend ko bhi feeling honi chahey na propose karne ke liye.” Rahul is in long thought at her statement. Rubina comments at Rahul’s state and says he doesn’t have any answer to Jasmin’s question.

Later in the clip, Rahul recalls the last week incident wherein Aly and Jasmin were in the Moj room, and had to decide about who would walk out of the house. He says he saw the chemistry between both of them. He comments, “Aag dono taraf se lagi thi.” Jasmin blushes at Rahul’s comment.

Rahul further questions Jasmin about asking her parents about marriage with Aly. Jasmin denies it and suggest Rahul to talk for her. Rahul laughs and says, “Kaise karunga, uske liye mujhe bahar jaana padega.” Rubina laughs at her Rahul’s antics.