Bigg Boss 14: OMG: Captaincy task CANCELLED due to these inmates, THEY BROKE ALL RULES!

The Bigg Boss house is a place which spells anarchy confusion and riots! Yes, everyday there is some issue or the other but can we blame them, that is what we audiences want to see, isn’t it? And in a bid to give us just that the house inmates stoop to unimaginable levels. Well, the same celebrities who look and behave so posh otherwise are reduced to trashy individuals in the house. And this time, this weekend’s captaincy task proved just that!

Well, everyone went against the rules and therefore Bigg Boss cancelled the task altogether.

In the very first round Rakhi Sawant’s team won as Abhinav Shukla’s team got a penalty Nd that was because stupid Vikas Gupta hid the Camera.

Thereafter in the second round, Rakhi’s team failed to click the photo, that is why Abhinav Shukla’s team won it.

However in the third round all hell broke loose, well, Rakhi was supporting Abhinav and Arshi was supporting Aly, Eijaz, Rahull, now because of this many rules were broken.
That is when things spiralled out of control and Bigg Boss had to intervene. After hammering the contestants for their pathetic behaviour, he declared that the captaincy task for the week has been nullified and stands cancelled.

Now, the audiences will get to see another new drama when this weekend’s captain will be declared. Wait and watch who will be the next captain.

And till then, for all the latest buzz on Bigg Boss 14 keep a close tab on

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