Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Malkani trains Shardul Pandit for lower back pain

Nishant Malkani teaches Shardul Pandit the cat-camel pose as the latter complaints of lower back pain.


Bigg Boss 14 usually consists of heated arguments, conflicts and controversies. However, the housemates do share light notes with each other which are not only relaxing for them but for the audience as well. In one such light note, Nishant Malkani teaches Shardul Pandit the famous cat-camel pose as the latter complains of lower back pain.

In the Extra masala Video, we can see Shardul, Nishant, Naina Singh and Jasmin Bhasin in the kitchen area where the housemates are discussing how doing the daily household chores is helping them gain physical strength. Jasmin claims that she has gained arm strength as she prepares the flour every day to make rotis for everyone in the house. Shardul further riddles if he should workout before the task or not to which Jasmin and Naina object by saying that his muscles will become really sore if he does so. He further tells that he needs to gain physical strength to which Jasmin says that if he is not used to working out outside, he should not do it in the house as well. After this, Shardul asks Nishant for a lower back stretch as he is suffering from lower back pain.

Nishant goes ahead to teach Shardul the famous cat-camel pose to help him deal with his lower back. Seeing them in the posture of a cat and a camel, Naina takes a seat and makes a joke about the curves and their posture. She hoots for them and says, “Guys, mujhe oonth toh utna pasand nahi aa raha hei but jab yeh log billiyan bante hei, ohoo.” She further jokes that she would like to give Nishant 8 out of ten for his body and some more ass to Shardul. Hearing this, the trio breaks into laughter and Shardul picks up to watermelons and poses with them.

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