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Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli opens her heart out to Vikas Gupta

Nikki Tamboli interacts with Vikas Gupta on his behaviour with her in the past. She definitely needs a lot of answers.

Nikki Tamboli and Vikas Gupta have their set of tiffs from time to time. But rarely do we see them having a normal conversation about this. In the latest extra masala clip, Nikki Tamboli opens up on issues she has with Vikas Gupta.

Nikki recalls an instance in the past when Vikas walked out of a conversation with her midway. Vikas clarifies that it was not on her. When he walked out, it might have appeared to her that he did it to her. But in reality, another person was talking, and he did not want to listen to it.

Nikki questions that she came to him and asked, “But meine bahar aake pucha tha na?” Vikas replies, “Na mujhe inki sunni hai, aur na mujhe koi aur samjhaye ki mai kaise sunna hai ya kaise react karna hai.” Nikki Retorts, “Then you should have reacted here nicely na ki Nikki mujhe unki bathe nahi sunna hi aur isliye maine walkout kar liya. But tumne mujhpe react kiya.”

Vikas comments that Nikki has never acted stable with him in the game, thus far. Nikkia admits that but she says that she has talked well to him always. Vikas tries to reason with her by saying that if he lends ears to one, each of them would instruct him on who to listen to.

Nikki stands firm on her question. She tells him, “Mai apko samjhane ki koshish nahi kar rahi thi. Mai apse puch rahi thi, indirectly, ki aap mujhse bath karna chahthe ho ki nahi.” Vikas states, “Maine apse react kispe kiya maloum hai?” He said that he was upset over her question of ‘Kya tum ullu ki bath sunoge’. Vikas reacted to her the way he did, because of this statement.

Nikki again asks why he did not tell her this, then. “Itna patience level waha hai nahi tha mera,” retorts Vikas. Niki brings out many times in the past where he acted weird with her. He says that his stability will depend on the stability of the person he is interacting with. Nikki concludes that whatever he is saying is a direct reference to her.