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Bigg Boss 14: Naina Singh shushes Shardul Pandit as he tries to flirt with her

Shardul Pandit flirted with Naina Singh over chappatis in front of Nishant Malkani and Abhinav Shukla, after which he went on to discuss lavatories.


Bigg Boss 14 usually consists of heated arguments, conflicts and controversies. However, the housemates do share light notes with each other which are not only relaxing for them but for the audience as well. In one such incident shared by Voot, Shardul Pandit was seen flirting with Naina Singh in the kitchen area as the latter was busy with Abhinav Shukla making paranthe.

Shardul approached Naina and Abhinav, who where making food and Nishant Malkani sat chit-chatting with both of them, and offered Naina some help in making paranthe to which Naina jokingly agrees. Abhinav then compliments Naina for the speed with which she is making paranthes. However, Shardul continues to flirt by saying, “Yeh movie hoti toh mei tumhare piche aake bel bhi deta par uske liye tumhare baal gile hone chahiye the aur tumhare pass ek mogra ka gajrah hona chahiye tha” to which Naina says, “Yeh ‘Ghar waali Bahar waali’ nahi chal raha hei yaha pei, usmein karta hei Anil Kapoor“. He further asks Naina in the filmy mood that what is she making, to which she jokingly says that she is making fun of him and asks him to move. Abhinav then jokingly complains how Shardul slowed the speed of their work.

Shardul then walked out of the kitchen area saying that he won’t disturb them now and he moves towards the red zone where he asks how do they survive with one lavatory and what would happen if one needs to go more urgently. Hearing this, Naina says, “Should we send you there? Why don’t you go and do some research?”. Hearing this, Abhinav and Nishant break into laughter and Shardul apologise for the question as he walks up to them and says, “I can talk about shit while talking. I am the most disgusting man in the house right now.”