Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik takes revenge from Aly Goni: “Aly, cher char karna gali ke gundey karte hain”

In the latest episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, Ekta Kapoor introduces a new task for the contestants to perform.

Bigg Boss 14 has covered half its journey and from here, the path to winning the Bigg Boss 14 title gets narrow with every passing episode. As the days are passing, the contestants are getting eliminated and only a few remain in the house. With tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, another contestant would have to leave the Bigg Boss house.

In the promotional video, shared by Colors TV, entertainment queen Ekta Kapoor is seen introducing a task to the contestants. She says, “Mai aapko deti hoon, badle ki chunauti. Bari Bari harek gharwale ko badle ka haath pehenna hoga. Usey uspe foam spray karna hoga aur ek aise sadasya par lagana hoga jin jinse woh iss ghar me badla lena chahte hain.” ( I am going to give you a revengeful task. You all have to take turns to wear the fake hands of revenge. Ypu are then going to spray foam on those hands and put it on the contestant who you want to take revenge from.)


Kavita Kaushik went ahead first and nominated Aly Goni as her candidate for taking revenge. She said, “Aly, kisi ko target karna ya unke piche cher char karna gali ke gundey karte hain”( Aly, someone who targets another and speaks ill behind their back are the ones who are called goons.) Saying so, she went ahead and put foam on his face. This did not go down well with Aly and hence when his turn came, Aly too nominated Kavita.

He said, “Unke maine itne saare chehre dekhe, shayad hi maine kisike itne saare chehre dekhe honge.”(I have seen so many faces and sonmany sides of her ) He added, ” Basically woh hi nihayati badtameez aur ek ghatiya kisam ki aurat ha” ( Basically she is a rude and misbehaving woman) and saying that, he put the foam all across Kavita’s face.