Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik in no mood to patch up with Eijaz Khan, says ‘He’s not my friend’

Kavita Kaushik has spoken about her relationship with Eijaz Khan and has stated that there won’t be any reconciliation between them.

Bigg Boss 14 has been turning out to be filled with controversies, conflicts, and entertainment right up to the brim. One of the ever happening conflicts in the house was between Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan, right from the first day of Kavita being in the house as a wild card entry. However, now that Kavita has been eliminated from the show, she has spoken about how there will be no mending of ways between her and Eijaz as they were never friends.

Kavita and Eijaz have been indulged in constant banter with the matter of concern being their friendship. According to Kavita, they have never been friends and have never properly met, however, the social media screenshots say otherwise. Now, that Kavita has been eliminated from the show just after a week of entering the house, she got in a conversation with Hindustan Times where she spoke about her equation with Eijaz. She was quoted saying, “We have never been friends for us to be reconciled. I am tired of saying that we met three times after that show, Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Ka, which I did with him in 2005, in which I was replaced. He was the star. After that, I met him three times. Once, he came to the set of FIR. That too, I had not met him. He was watching the show and I was shooting, so we can’t even count that. Recently, I wanted to do something for dogs and someone told me Eijaz does things for dogs and he knows a dog shelter. So, one time, I met him at the dog shelter. There, he said that he is single. I asked him, ‘Are you seeing someone? Are you getting married?’ Just a general conversation.”

Talking about her photo with Eijaz which went viral after the two had a dispute over the matter, Kavita was quoted saying, “Like I have been saying, I know him, he’s an acquaintance, not a friend that I want to reconcile with. There is no friendship. Maybe again, I will meet him at a party and get a picture clicked and it will come out somewhere. Then people will say they patched up. No, that is not friendship.”

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