Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Punjabi claims that Eijaz Khan was absent when Kavita Kaushik got married

Kamya Punjabi has defended her friend, Kavita Kaushik, as she claims that Eijaz Khan was not there when Kavita’s father passed away or when she got married.

Bigg Boss 14 has been making a lot of noise ever since it began. There has been a lot of controversies, conflicts and fights amongst the housemates from the very night of the premiere of the show. One of the controversies that have been the point of talking is that the relation between Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik. The latter has been claiming that Eijaz is not her friend, however, the social media posts and tweets say something else. However, Kamya Punjabi, Kavita’s friend, has been defending her over social media. She recently made claims stating that Eijaz was not there for Kavita when her father passed away or the time when she got married.

Kamya has called out Eijaz for playing that victim card in the situation. In a conversation with Times Of India, Kavita spoke how Eijaz was not by Kavita’s side when she needed friends such as the time of her father’s death or during her marriage. She was quoted saying, “First, let me tell you that Kavita and I have been very thick friends for 15-16 years. As for Eijaz, he was neither there when Kavita’s dad passed away nor when she got married. Toh phir woh Kavita ka dost kaise hua (So, how is he Kavita’s friend)? Eijaz is using Kavita’s presence in Bigg Boss 14 to play the victim card of a friend having been let down.”

She further added, “It wasn’t that Eijaz didn’t have food in his house or didn’t have the money to buy food, when Kavita sent it to him. It was just that his cook wasn’t around. Those days, Kavita was preparing some dishes and putting some pictures of that on her social media accounts. Eijaz happened to call her and said, ‘Mujhe yeh khaana banane se bahut dar lagta hai aur mera cook nahin hai, tum mere liye khaana bana do’.”

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