Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin threatens Shardul Pandit; says she knows how to beat people up

In the house of Bigg Boss 14, Jasmin Bhasin and Shardul Pandit entered into a friendly spat over Jasmin’s doll.

While the house of Bigg Boss 14 is usually a battleground, it also has its fun moments. In an extra masala video, we can see a cute goofy banter between contestants Shardul Pandit and Jasmin Bhasin.

The video begins with Shardul leading Jasmin into the common bedroom telling her that he has not stolen her doll. “Arey main bataane aaya hu toh mere paas hoga kya, Jasmin? Itna bhi toh bevkuf nahi hu. (Had I stolen your doll, why would I come to you and tell you that your doll is missing? I am not that dumb, Jasmin).” Jasmin doesn’t believe him though. She asks around about what has Shardul done to his doll while searching for it.


Shardul keeps defending himself. He says, “Maine bola abhi Kavita ji ne pucha dance kar ke dikha de. Maine kaha, mujhe partner chahiye. Naina nahi hai toh main dollu ke saath karunga aur dekha toh dollu hi nahi hai. (Kavita Ji asked me to dance. So, I replied that I need a partner. Since Naina isn’t here, I thought I would dance with dollu, but then I found out that dollu isn’t here.)

Jasmin then starts jokingly hitting Shardul asking him where he has hidden her doll. She asks Shardul repeatedly where her doll is. He eventually tells her that the doll is beneath her blanket. Kavita then exclaims, “Itne jaldi bataa diya! (You let the secret out so soon.)” Shardul convinces Kavita that he had to, or else Jasmin would get emotional.

The video ends with Jasmin jokingly intimidating Shardul, saying that she knows how to beat people up.