Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin confesses of being scared of Rahul Vaidya, says ‘wo kuch bhi kar dega’

Jasmin Bhasin admits of being scared of Rahul Vaidya after a heated fight with the latter.


Bigg Boss 14 has been breeding with fights, arguments and controversies ever since it has begun three weeks ago. There have been several incidents where housemates have shared heated arguments amongst each other which led to their emotional breakdown. Recently, Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya shared such an incident after which both of the participants broke down with regards to their emotions. In a recent promo, Jasmin can be seen crying and admitting being scared of Rahul.

The promo begins with Jasmin sitting with Shardul Pandit in the garden area where she is being calmed down by Shardul. Jasmin tells him that she is not able to get the thoughts of the fight out of her mind to which Shardul tells her to try to remove the thoughts once and realise that Rahul can not harm her in any manner. Jasmin further says that she is mentally very disturbed and that such things can not be understood by someone else until and unless they experience it personally. Shardul asks her if she is irritated, angry or scared of Rahul to which she says that she is experiencing all the three emotions. He tries to motivate Jasmin by telling her to put a tough fight against Rahul and defeat him to which she says that she would not be able to do so as Rahul might do anything. Jasmin further says that she is unable to bear Rahul’s face and its either him who will go from the house or she will.

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In the previous episode, Jasmin and Rahul had a heated argument amongst each other during a task for captaincy where Rahul pulls a bag she was holding really hard. This maddens Jasmin and she starts shouting at Rahul for using his manly strength. The situation goes out of hand as Jasmin starts to hit herself on the sofa. She further goes to Red Zone and throws water at Rahul in anger.

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