Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya discuss Astrology, Rahul feels that he was evicted due to Grahan

Rahul Vaidya and Jasmin Bhasin talk about the influence of stars and horoscope when the latter teases Rahul for having troubles in his life.

Astrology is interesting, and it’s even more interesting when it’s someone else’s. In the Bigg Boss house this week, the contestants are seen talking about astrology. well not everyone, but our very own Jasmin. Jasmin and Rahul Vaidya are seen talking about the change in stars and planets, and its effects on Rahul’s sun sign.

Jasmin states that Rahul’s sun sign’s planets have changed pace since 21st October and that he is in the clear till the next coming months, but will go down in the last week of December, with a foolish grin on her face.  Rahul Vaidya continues on saying that his Panditji told him that till he’s 49 ‘uska kamaal rahega’.


Rahul blames his past eviction on the ‘GRAHAN’ (solar eclipse). Jasmin tells Rahul Vaidya that “abhi toh grahan wale planets hai hi nahi march tak kisi ke bhi.” To that Rahul Vaidya winks at Rakhi Sawant in a funny way.

Vikas Gupta asks Jasmin that if she knows astrology. Rahul Vaidya tells Vikas that Rakhi knows astrology. Vikas puts his hand in front of Rakhi and tells her, “mera haath dekho na Rakhi di.” Looking at that Rahul Mahajan also puts his hand forward and proudly says, “yeh dekho kya cheez hai.” Rakhi then looks at the sky and starts to count something. After sometime she says, “ab raat hai, ab nahi kar sakte.”