Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother, Rita, reveals ‘He is obsessed with Nikki Tamboli’

Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother, Rita Bhattacharya, has spoken how his son seems to be obsessed with Nikki Tamboli in Bigg Boss 14.

The audience has witnessed a lot of conflicts, controversies and arguments ever since Bigg Boss 14 begun a month ago. There has been the formation of new relations with cracks here and there, but they still have made it to the attention of the audience. One of such relations is the friendship of Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nikki Tamboli in the house. Speaking over the relation shared by the two, Jaan’s mother, Rita Bhattacharya, has spoken how Jaan acts differently around Nikki.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Rita mentioned that Jaan seems to be obsessed with Nikki. She was quoted saying, “Maybe he is. It is not impossible, you know, my son is young. I mean he is not like this, he is different in his life. But I am liking him. It looks interesting. It is good that Jaan found someone and even Nikki found someone inside the house. I also like him better now. He is vocal, and getting better. He speaks about his feelings so I think he is now getting into the game. I am liking this Jaan – he is confident and bold. He also won a few tasks, it is fun watching him now. I am loving it. Definitely liking him better now. Inside the house, there must be so many things and pressures that we do not get to see.”

She further spoke how Jaan, when a kid, used to insist on songs being played. Rita was quoted saying, “Even as a small kid, he wanted songs to be played around him. I remember I had to change autos if they did not have music. He would start crying and asking for music and would not stop until I got down and took another one that had a music system. That is how connected he has been with music.”

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