Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu reveals he waited outside Salman Khan’s house to meet the actor.

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Jaan Kumar Sanu revealed that he waited outside Salman Khan’s house just to catch a glimpse of the actor.

Every fan dreams of meeting their favourite celebrity at least once in their lifetime. They will try their best just to get a glimpse of the star. In a recent Extra Masala video, Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu shares that he is a huge fan of host Salman Khan.

As the video begins, Jaan is sitting opposite Aly Goni as he reveals that he has stood outside Salman’s house just get a glimpse of the actor. He further reveals that he has waited for 4-5 hours each day in the sun for years, just to meet the Dabangg actor. Aly asks him if he stood there for some work or just as a fan to which Jaan replies saying he stood there just as a fan and the fact that his father worked with him.


He later specified that he wasn’t there for any work but just as a fan. Remembering their first interaction on the Bigg Boss stage, Jaan said that he was nervous. Describing his feelings he said, “taange kaap rahi thi, gala sukh raha tha baar baar.” He continued saying it was a big deal for him to stand in front of Salman Khan and could never dream of anything like this. The singer shared that he couldn’t believe that Salman said his name and knew of his presence among the millions of people.

The video ends with him telling Aly that it meant a lot to him and was grateful for the opportunity.