Bigg Boss 14: Is Rubina Dilaik weakening her own game? 

With recent arguments in the house and change in Rubina Dilaik’s friendships, many believe the actress is weakening her own game

Rubina Dilaik gained a lot of fame when she entered the Bigg Boss 14 house. One of the famous bahus of the small screen, Rubina became almost everyone’s favourite contestant in the house. Her fellow contestants have accused her of having a superiority complex, being dominating and being insecure. Her frequent nominations show that she is not really popular in the house.

Several fellow contestants have given her various nicknames like Shikshika which was given by Rahul Vaidya during one of their several fights. This name has stuck.


She started her ‘Bigg Boss’ journey with a ready advantage that telly-bahus have on the show. Yet, she started on a tough note. The ‘Toofani Seniors’ Hina Khan, Gauahar Khan and Sidharth Shukla made her one of the rejected contestants, making her stay in the garden area. The seniors felt that she didn’t use the situation to her advantage.

Rubina has irked a lot of people in the house, including host Salman Khan. In one incident, she refused to perform the task as it went against her self-respect. She said, “Main iss prakriya ka part nahi hoon. I am not a bin of garbage. Ab hamare ghar ke mukhya bol rahe hai ki tumhaare dimaag mein kachra hai. Mujhe uss cheez se problem hai.”  

Later Salman Khan schooled her saying, “Rubina aapka point unacceptable hai. Bigg Boss ke rules se aapko aapatti hai.”  He asked her to leave the house if she didn’t want to participate in the task.

Once she was called as a leading contestant of Bigg Boss but now she is labelled as a teacher. Now her game is being labelled as weak even though she entered the show with her husband Abhinav Shukla.

Everyone thought that Rubina and Abhinav could assert their dominance and sway opinions in the house. But now they are fighting with each other while Rubina Dilaik is weakening her own game.