Bigg Boss 14: Housemates are shocked with Rakhi’s lipstick tattoos

Rakhi Sawant expresses her love for Abhinav Shukla through lipstick tattoos.

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, the tables have turned. Rakhi’s drama which was once termed as entertainment has now become a boring and very cheap form of entertainment. The viewers as well as the contestants are not liking Rakhi’s antics. Recently, she wrote Abhinav’s name all over her body with lipstick and roamed around the house.

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli and Vikas Gupta bawled their eyes out upon seeing Rakhi Sawant’s body adorned with lipstick tattoos and stamped words. Vikas and Nikki were talking about dinner and doing the dishes. Vikas said, ” bartan dho diye hai, adhe se jada dho diye baki koi aur dhoyega”. He also said that he doesn’t have anything problem working but when people start taking advantage of him, he can’t tolerate that.


Later, Rakhi entered the bedroom area and Nikki in curiosity asked Rakhi what she has done to herself. On seeing Rakhi and her lipstick tattoos Vikas Gupta couldn’t stop himself from laughing and commented, “Aaye Baba”. Rakhi who was a little pissed said, “mat do bartan mujhe, mat do, jitna mujhe sataoge, mujhe farak Nahi parta, you don’t know me”. To this Vikas agreed and said that nobody can think what Rakhi Sawant thinks.