Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan’s breaks down in front of his brother, Aly Goni tells Jasmin, ‘I’m seeing a different person 2-3 hafto se’

In the recent, housemates meet their family members. Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin discuss about the change in the latter’s behaviour.

In the recent episode, the family week continued and participants got to meet their loved ones. While Eijaz Khan met his brother, Rakhi Sawant talked to her mother.

Sonali Phogat met her daughter and was seen asking if she was going wrong in the game. Later, Sonali told Aly Goni and Rubina Dilaik that her daughter is her strength and they said that it was evident in their conversation.

Meanwhile, Arshi Khan continued her fight with the housemates. Sonali told her not to fight Eijaz Khan as he is very emotional and is patiently waiting for his family. Further, Arshi declares that she won’t talk to him. Eijaz told Arshi, “I am not scared of you that I do not answer back, it is out of my respect for you that I do not reply in the same tone and mood as you do. And, now if you say anything more, you will be the one who’ll look bad.”

Further in the episode, Rahul Vaidya meets his mother. She even brought a special message from Disha Parmar saying, “You are playing wonderfully.” She also told Rahul that once he gets of the house and they will be discussing about the dates of marriage.

Next in line was Eijaz Khan. He met his brother, Imran and started crying the moment he saw him. His brother advised him to sit and talk with everybody and not stay alone.

Later, Aly was seen telling Jasmin Bhasin, “I am seeing a different person, pichle 2-3 hafte se (for past 2-3 weeks). I am not asking you to change or anything. You are your own person. I am just telling you.” Jasmin responds by asking if she should not respond when others say mean things to her. She added, “You be happy, and do not fight with me, I will be fine.”

Next, it was time for Rakhi to meet her mother. She cried when she got to know that her mother is in hospital. Her mother mentioned that Rakhi’s husband is taking care of her. Rakhi requested her mother to talk to her husband to ask him to reveal himself to the world.

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