Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan talks about Nikki Tamboli, in her INITIAL days

In a recent Extra Masala clip Arshi Khan is seen inquiring about Eijaz Khan’s initial days in the house. Eijaz Khan discloses how Nikki Tamboli came prepared to the house determined to win.


The clip starts with Arshi Khan questioning Eijaz Khan about the reason for the fights in the house during the initial days. Eijaz answers that the one and only reason was Nikki Tamboli. She already prepared her mind properly, she knows how to play and she also knows how to make everyone against her, Eijaz says about Nikki.

She stayed constant on her decision that she wants seven clothes, “humare pass chaddiyan nhi hai tujhe 7 kapde chahia?” Eijaz complains about Nikki.

Arshi asks about the clothing thing to which Eijaz explains her that their personal belonging were kept in BB Mall, and 11 of them got chance to choose any 7 of them. Arshi nodded.

Eijaz then says that in 7 seven clothes Nikki stays constant that she wants 4 clothes. He then added that “Woh dekh ke aayi hai wo study krke aayi hai, wo Bigg Boss ki bahut badi fam hai” “Use pata hai nadi jaha h behti hai uske opposite khade raho toh tum dikhte ho”, Eijaz says about Nikki.

Eijaz says that it was all her planning to do the stuff and also plays in a manner that will make her the highlight. She had pre-planned all her strayer and what she had done during those 3 weeks troubled us a lot, we can’t say anything to her because it won’t effect her. She still sticks to her point all time. Due to this she was highlighted too.

She gets everything that she wants and because of this she becomes the first “confirm sadasya”, Eijaz says to which Arshi says “Siddharth ne banaya”. Eijaz says Siddharth Shukla supported her.

Later, Eijaz added that at last he also supported her because she was like this only and why we would expect anything else from her.

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