Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan provides Jaan Kumar Sanu a piece of advice

Eijaz Khan tells Jaan Kumar how to improve his game plan for the show.

Jaan Kumar Sanu is always seen being around Nikki Tamboli. He can be seen tickling her during a chore to stealing a kiss during a celebration. Even though they haven’t officially said anything about their relationship, fans can’t help but ship both together. New captain Eijaz Khan is of the mindset that this is actually harming Jaan Kumar’s game.

In a recent snippet from Bigg Boss Xtra Masala, Jaan was asking Eijaz a clarification on the comment he had made earlier on the singer’s game. Eijaz asked if in 24 hours; he sleeps for 8, uses 2 for his personal hygiene, Bigg Boss tasks take up 6 hours for tasks then he is only left with 8 hours. He further asks that if in those 8 hours Jaan spends 4 with only one person, then how much time is remaining to be spent with others. The singer is then left with the thought if it’s good for his game or not.

Jaan then tells Eijaz that currently his game is not strong and he can only trust him and no one else. Eijaz then advises the singer to use the time in a better manner, to which he responds by saying that other people have the same monotonous conversation over and over again. The actor then says, “Tu apni soch ka dayra badha, dusro ki zyada personality dikhegi.”

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