Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan proves to be ‘bad’ captain, as he fights with Pavitra Punia and Jaan Kumar Sanu

Eijaz Khan indulges in horrible fights with Pavitra Punia and Jaan Kumar Sanu as the former takes decisions as a captain.

Bigg Boss 14 has become the breeding ground of never-ending fights, controversies and arguments as the show progresses further ahead. In the latest episode, Eijaz Khan, the new captain of the house, was seen getting into ugly fights with housemates Pavitra Punia and Jaan Kumar Sanu.

Pavitra was angry with Eijaz and was seen getting into a fight with him over the reason he gave for saving Jasmin Bhasin from the elimination and not her. As the captain of the house, Eijaz was given a special power to save one housemate from the eliminations this week. Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu were continuously trying to calm Pavitra as she was crying over what happened. She was constantly saying that she will not fight for herself anymore and will go to the red zone willingly. Hearing this, Nikki told her to fight for herself as long as she is in the show.

In another segment, we see Jaan entering a verbal argument with Eijaz as the latter asks him to mind his choice of language where Jaan told Eijaz that he should not mistreat him just because Jaan respects him. He said, “I am not afraid of you, I only respect you as an elder brother.” This incident happened after Nikki asked Jaan to not kiss her to which Jaan said, he will, in a jokingly manner. However, Nikki kept her straight face and told Jaan that she has been trying to tell him this for a long time. Hearing this, Jaan got irritated and said that no one is talking in a straight manner. Hearing this, Eijaz entered the banter.

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