Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan praises Jaan Kumar Sanu for his skills

In an extra clip of Bigg Boss 14 by Voot, Eijaz Khan can be seen praising and blessing Jaan Kumar Sanu for his singing skills.

Bigg Boss 14 is becoming the breeding ground of conflicts, arguments and drama as it completes its two weeks. Amidst all the fighting and shouting with and at each other, there are several moments that are calming and peaceful for the contestants as well as the Toofani Seniors in the house. One of such an incident was shared by Eijaz Khan and Jaan Kumar Sanu where Eijaz Khan was blessing Jaan for his future.

In the Extra Masala Clips of Bigg Boss 14 shared by Voot, Eijaz Khan can be seen cleaning the kitchen area whereas Jaan Kumar Sanu was using a broomstick to clean the living area of the house. While doing his work, Jaan started singing very melodiously and soon was joined by Eijaz. After this, Eijaz told Jaan that he gets lost whenever Jaan sings and that Jaan’s future is very bright. Eijaz told Jaan that “My blessings are always with you. I get lost in your singing. I am not saying this just for the sake of saying, but I actually mean it.” Jaan sounded really happy to hear such kind words from Eijaz.

Eijaz further said that “I don’t know what will happen in the world but I am pretty sure that you have a really bright future ahead of you.” Jaan could not stop thanking his housemate for his blessings and compliment. After this, they started talking about various singers such as Sonu Nigam and Mohammed Rafi.

In the previous episodes, Jaan was seen body-shaming Eijaz over a task where Eijaz was continuously trying to break Jaan’s patience after which, Jaan said, “Just look at his body. His skeleton is visible.”

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