Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan makes a heartfelt confession to Pavitra Punia

Eijaz Khan got a surprise visit from Pavitra Punia. They both confessed their feelings for each other.

This week in Bigg Boss 14, had an emotional quotient as the housemates got to meet their family members. But most surprising of all was when ex-contestant Pavitra Punia walked into the house to meet Eijaz Khan. Eijaz looked shocked to see Pavitra and could not hold from confessing his feelings for her. He confessed his feelings for her on the national television.

As Pavitra entered the house, she shouted,’O Khan Sahab.’ As Eijaz got emotional and rushed in the garden area to meet her. Eijaz confessed to Pavitra, “Teri baat karne ke liye tarasta hu mein, kisise bhi. Mein apni zindagi tere saath share karna ke liye tyaar hu. Tu jaisi hai, zindagi mein jahan bhi hai, mujhe qubool hai.” When asked if she loves him, Pavitra replies that she loves him alot. She then kisses other side of the glass wall.

The housemates cheered for the new couple from the living room as they were freezed. Later, as Pavitra left the house, she hugged Eijaz and whispered ‘I Love You.’ Eijaz broke the freeze position and went and hugged her.

Earlier, Eijaz and Pavitra shared a love-hate relationship with each other and the housemates were really excited for this couple.

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