Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan calls Rahul Vaidya an ‘insecure person’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan calls Rahul an insecure person and argues for no reason.

In Bigg Boss 14, if there’s one contestant who has had a tiff with all the housemates, it has to be Rahul Vaidya. Without any connection in the house, Rahul has played amazingly well. His war of words with Rubina Dilaik has been the highlight of the house, his on-off equation with Eijaz Khan has also caught attention.

Both had a tiff in the latest episode where Eijaz tells Rahul to keep his jokes to himself, which doesn’t go well with Rahul. After that, both get into a little physical spat as they push each other with their chest. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan calls Rahul an insecure person and argues for no reason.


In the clip, Eijaz, Rubina Dilaik, and Abhinav Shukla talk about Rahul’s behavior in the house. Eijaz says that he is thinking of a premise for Rahul’s argument so that he could counter him. He adds, “Usko jab mazak karna hota tab voh karega, maine bola mujhe mazak nahi karna toh voh gussa karega.” Abhinav comments that he has become a bad person.

Rubina was astonished by the way Rahul spoke with Eijaz, disrespecting his age. Eijaz says that he’s just like that, and there’s no brainer. Rubina was appalled by Rahul using ‘tu tadak’ with Eijaz. Eijaz says it’s his convenience and adds that he is ninety percent fake. Abhinav agrees with him. Rubina questions what kind of fakeness he has. Eijaz replies that he has an unnecessary argument, fights, conversation, and coming into frame.

Further, Abhinav adds that it’s a cover-up of ‘fake masculinity.’ Eijaz explains to Abhinav that Rahul tries to fight with Eijaz and Abhinav because they are good looking guys. He says that Rahul is jealous and stares at them while they workout. Rubina laughs at Eijaz’s antics.

He adds that Rahul is insecure, and he is not wrong. Even Eijaz is insecured about his height, his teeth because he thinks they grind, so he doesn’t smile. Abhinav shows off his teeth and can smile. He further adds that everyone in life insecure about something or the other.

Later in the clip, Eijaz says that Rahul has a man-crush on them as he follows whatever they both do. Rubina chuckles. Eijaz continues that he doesn’t have that kind of personality, and he follows whatever the housemates do daily. He asks Abhinav to observe Rahul’s antics.