Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar says yes to Rahul Vaidya’s proposal on two conditions, read below to findout

Valentine’s Day turns out to be lucky for Rahul Vaidya as Disha Parmar enters the Bigg Boss house and agrees to marry him only with two conditions.


In order to give Rahul Vaidya a surprise, Salman Khan bluffs about Disha Parmar turning him down meanwhile, Salman gets the entire house ready for a marriage celebration. The housemates begin to dance on Disha’s entry in the house.

Rahul was overwhelmed and relieved to see Disha in the house, he got emotional and broke into tears, he asked her that why she didn’t come to see him this entire time. She replied, “I was waiting for a special occasion, and I couldn’t have found a better day than Valentine’s Day. I am counting days when you will come out. Mere life ke sabse boring 5 months the yeh.” She also asked him not to cry as it made her cry too.

Disha asked Rahul to propose her which he did, but before nodding for a yes she placed two conditions before him . She said, “Mujhe chahiye badi shaadi aur usse bhi bada diamond (I want a big wedding and a bigger diamond),” to which he happily gave nod in agreement.

Disha added, “I cannot wait to start my life with you. I cannot wait to get married to you. There’s a lot to do.”

Later, Rahul invited all his co-contestants to the wedding including Salman Khan. The proposal ends on a beautiful note, everyone gets sweets from the couple’s side.