Bigg Boss 14 challenger Rahul Mahajan opens up about his wedding with Natalya Iilna: My wife has converted to Hinduism

Rahul Mahajan and his third wife Natalya Ilina are 18 years apart and have been married since 2018.

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Rahul Mahajan is all set to enter the show once again as a challenger opens up about his wedding with a Russian named Natalya Ilina. Rahul, who was involved in controversies like drug scandal, and domestic violence, says now is a changed man.

During an interview with ETimes, Rahul Mahajan revealed his wife, who has converted to Hinduism. He stated, “We are like two tracks of the railway. We do not interfere in each other’s matters too much and give each other space. We are not even too apart from each other. But we maintain the balance so that our marriage is on the right track.”


He added, “She is Russian and has converted to the Hindu religion, and I always give her the reference of Lord Shiva and Parvati. I always tell her that the husband and wife’s relationship should be like Shiv and Parvati. We keep them as our idols in our relationship. I teach her Geeta, and we read a lot of mythological stuff together. I feel you really need a good destiny to find a perfect partner and family.”

Rahul and Natalya married in 2018. The couple is 18 years apart. He was earlier married to Shweta Singh (2006–2008) and Dimpy Ganguly (2010–2015). Rahul Mahajan was accused of domestic violence by both Shweta and Dimpy.

Rahul Mahajan is known for his stint in ‘Bigg Boss 2’. Earlier, he revealed that he is now focussing on a healthier lifestyle.

Going into Bigg Boss once again, he reveals, “I started my career with Bigg Boss, and I am returning to TV with the same show. It is not my end, it is just another beginning for me. This is the third time I am doing the show, I did season 2, then Halla Bol season 8, and now season 14. Now, I am going inside to change the scene.”

He adds, “We are Bigg Boss old gold jewelry, and when they needed us the most, we are returning. Like how the female of the house, whenever the family is in crisis, they give away their jewelry the same way we are coming to revive this season.”