Bigg Boss 14, Arti Singh lashes out at Nikki Tamboli for commenting on Kashmera’s age, ‘It was in bad taste’

In a recent Interview, Arti Singh slams Nikki Tamboli for her comment on Kashmera Shah’s age

Bigg Boss 14 is all about fights and drama in the house. While the challengers have brought back the entertainment quotient. And the clash between the housemates and the challengers is an ongoing task. Nikki Tamboli and Kashmera Shah are currently locking heads with each other. As their fights got ugly so did their comments on each other. While nominating Kashmera, Nikki cited her age. This comment has not gone well with fans and Kashmera’s sister-in-law Arti Singh.

Arti who was part of Bigg Boss 13 slammed Nikki for bringing up someone’s age in the game. She told Times of India, “Nikki’s comment on Kashmera’s age was in bad taste. First, the inmates targeted Eijaz Khan for his age and now Kash. What are these people resorting to? Pehle Eijaz aur Kashmera jitna kaam toh karo, achieve toh karo. Even if you achieve success in life, you can’t comment on anyone’s age. Forget about her age, please look at her dedication towards her work and fitness. Take a look at her latest photoshoot. It just doesn’t make sense for anyone to comment on someone’s age.


She further added, “Kashmera is competing with you and has been called back on the show 14 years after her stint in the inaugural season of ‘Bigg Boss’. She has worked a lot, done many films and has given super hit songs. What age are you then talking about? Woh itna kaam karke hi iss age par aayi hai.”

Last year, Kashmera had entered the Bigg Boss house to support her sister-in-law. This year she is a contestant herself and Arti is all praises for her. Showing her support, she says, “She doesn’t pick unnecessary fights or interfere in someone else’s argument for the sake of being seen on the show. She is respectful and doesn’t use derogatory words for anyone. I still remember how she refused to write ‘Nalla’ on Vikas Gupta’s pillow after being prompted by Arshi Khan. She had categorically told her that’s not her language. That shows her class. I am proud of the way she is conducting herself inside the house.