Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan slams Aly Goni for calling her ‘Moti’, latter says she is unnecessarily picking up fights with him

Aly Goni makes passing comment that Arshi Khan found offensive towards her. 

Since the entry of the challengers and evicted contestants, Bigg Boss 14 has been entertaining the audience. Aly Goni, recently made his way back into house after getting eliminated for losing a task. Arshi Khan, Bigg Boss 11 participant is also inside the house.

After Vikas Gupta getting expelled from the house for pushing Arshi into the pool, the housemates were seen giving her cold shoulders as she has pissed off all the housemates with her irritating behaviour and unnecessary provoking, and poking the another person.


Arshi in desperate dire of content, went behind Aly’s back and told Eijaz Khan something that he found out of the line. Aly defends himself stating that if he wanted to say something to Eijaz, he would have told him on his face. Further, Aly commented on Arshi’s nature and said, “Khaao aur mote ho jaao.” 

Arshi took offence at his comment and likened to body shame her. She confronted Aly about it but he refused to accept and says she is just picking up unnecessary fights with him. Aly tells her that he himself is fat, so then why would he body shame her. He also told her that she is doing this just for gaining votes.