Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan mocks Eijaz Khan for not supporting her

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan lashes at Eijaz Khan for standing up for Sonali Phogat and Rakhi Sawant but not her.

Challenger Arshi Khan shares a strong bond with Eijaz Khan in the Bigg Boss house. After Rahul Mahajan’s exit from the show, Arshi spends most of her time with Eijaz Khan.

In the recent extra masala clip, we see a different side of Arshi towards Eijaz. She derided Eijaz Khan for supporting Sonali Phogat and Rakhi Sawant and question him about why he doesn’t support her. Arshi irritated with Eijaz asks, “Khichdi kisne banayi thi? Kyu, Sonali ji se banwa lete, Rakhi se banwa lete?” To which Eijaz replies that there is no need for all that, and he is self-sufficient and can cook for himself.


Arshi was so irritated and angry with the fact that Eijaz had supported other housemates and not her. She says, “Victim – victim khel rahe ho sab mil ke, aese meri ladayi hoti hai to koi khadha hoke ladne ko taiyar nahi hota hai.” Eijaz says that it was good to see her stand up for herself and she needs to continue that. He adds, “Ab se mujhse umeed mat rakhiyega, mujhe lagega zaroorat hai, baat badh rahi hogi, toh hi mein bolunga.” Listening to this Arshi got all furious and argues that why does he stands for Rakhi and Sonali all the time, whether they are a victim or not, “Ab kisi ko victim banaoge, next Sonali ji ko?”

Eijaz didn’t want to continue the conversation and says he will see. Arshi couldn’t handle it further and says, “Dekh lena kal ka task radh karwa dungi, flip marungi naa aap roo doge, aesa flip marungi.”

In the end, Eijaz says he is okay with that also, it is a show and everybody has a right to do whatever they want to do.