Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan breaks down as Vikas Gupta leaves the house after poor medical health

In the recent promo, Vikas Gupta leaves the Bigg Boss house as his health condition worsens. Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant cries over his exit.

In the recent promo of Bigg Boss 14, Bigg Boss orders the housemates to pack Vikas Gupta‘s bags. Earlier, Vikas had been constantly complaining of being in immense pain and cries in front of Aly Goni that he is unable to bear the pain.

Rakhi Sawant who calls him as his brother looks worried. Aly says that he has tooth pain and couldn’t bear it. Then, Bigg Boss announced that the contestants to pack Vikas’s bags and to keep it in the store room.

Further, Rakhi breaks down after Vikas’s exit and says that he is a good person, even Arshi Khan couldn’t control her emotions and cries saying, “I didn’t know Vikas was in so much pain.”

Vikas and Arshi have always been frenemies. They have got into numerous arguments, in one such argument, Vikas pushed Arshi into the pool and got evicted from the house. However, he got an another chance and entered the house again.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Vikas could enter the house again after his health conditions gets better, but now according to the rumors ,Vikas will not be entering the Bigg Boss house, as the doctors have advised him for a complete bed rest. Well, we’ll have to wait and watch what happens next.

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