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Bigg Boss 14: ‘Apavitra’ Pavitra Punia will destroy Eijaz Khan, claims ex Paras Chhabra

Pavitra Punia was recently seen flirting with fellow Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz Khan. Now, her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra reacted to it, saying she would destroy him.


Bigg Boss has worked as a matchmaker for many participants. It seems like Pavitra Punia might have found her match in Eijaz Khan. In a recent viral video, the actor talked to Rubina Dilaik about the emotional connection she feels for Eijaz. Reacting to it, her ex-boyfriend and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra has called the actor ‘Apavitra’. He claimed she would destroy Eijaz Khan’s life if he falls for her fakeness.

Colors TV had recently released a video where Pavitra Punia was talking to Rubina Dilaik. There, she talked about how she sees darkness and loneliness in Eijaz Khan. The actor further added that she feels emotionally connected to Eijaz and has tried to establish a bond with him but in vain. She then broke down in front of her, saying, “I can’t lose him!”

Now, a recent report by News18 quoted Paras saying, “I think her name Pavitra (pure) is wrong. She should be named as Apavitra (impure) because of her nature. Before the show, she told everyone that I am a cheater and a liar but on the first day of the show, she confessed that she was double-dating me. What kind of a girl is she? I never revealed the reason for the break-up but she was double-dating, and that’s why I ended my relationship with her.” The report further quoted the actor reacting to the closeness of her with Eijaz. He added, “If a love angle is emerging in the show between Eijaz and Pavitra, I will pray for Eijaz bhai because if he gets in a relationship with Pavitra, his life will be ruined. He is a good actor and he has done some good shows on television, so I feel he should stay away from such people as Pavitra.”


Paras Chhabra had recently claimed that Pavitra Punia had hidden her marriage while she was dating him. He said that she tried to destroy his life by spreading rumors about him.

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