Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni talks about experimenting with different hairstyles, feels one must keep on changing their looks

Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya discuss about different hairstyles inside the Bigg Boss house.

So as we are approaching the end of Bigg Boss Season 14, we are able to witness some extra humor and wittiness from the sharp contestants surviving inside the captivation of the luxurious house of Bigg Boss.

In episode 119, where we can see on a bright sunny day where beside the pool Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni are chilling out in winter’s sun and suddenly Rahul Vaidya lights up a topic about his hairstyle. Firstly Rahul asks, “What hairstyles can be tried out for himself?”. On a serious note, Aly replied that nothing can be done about his hair as his hairs are long. He explained the advantages of having short hair for styling as they can be styled to left, right, upwards, and downwards direction. He told that Rahul’s hair can be moved to only left and right directions which made Rahul a bit disappointed. Aly then suggested he should try curls as it would better suit his long hair. Rahul went against the topic of curls as he didn’t like the concept of curling. Aly told, “You never know what suits you on a given day”.

Aly believes that every day any new things can be tried inside Bigg boss’s house even the things which are beyond the imaginations of a normal human. According to him, the same looks are not a good thing each and every day on a national tv show. Aly mentions Abhinav as a mad person as he styles his hair rough and dry. He finally convinces Rahul to try to wet his hair and try some hair products to hold and give strength.

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