Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni reveals Sonali Phogat changes her mind often, Abhinav says ‘Uska ilaaj nahi hai’

Aly Goni revealed that Sonali Phogat constantly changed her mind during the captaincy task. Abhinav was shocked to hear this.

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, the housemates are not new to unexpected twists in the game. Previously, the makers of the show have surprised them many times by suddenly making changes to important tasks. The housemates are always kept on their toes. The recent captaincy task ‘Rat and Scientist’ was not an exception to sudden twists. The housemates thought the task would run for two days and were shocked when Bigg Boss announced its end after the third round.

The contestants’ shock can be seen in the recent Extra Masala clip. In the video, Rahul Vaidya asks everyone, “Kya hum mein se kisi ko bhi laga tha ki teesra round would be the decisive round?Abhinav Shukla shakes his head and says no. He then shares with everyone that the moment Bigg Boss made the announcement, he was talking about it with Sonali Phogat. He says, “Mai baith ke Sonali ma’am ko bol raha tha ki aur round honge 4.”

Abhinav then adds that the moment he said this Bigg Boss made the announcement. He later advises Aly Goni on the strategies he should have used against Sonali. He says that Aly should have confirmed the person and then decided on the colour. Aly Goni tells him that Sonali changed the colour every other minute. Abhinav tells him that he should have put her in a dilemma. Rahul Vaidya interrupts and says that Aly had already done it all. Aly adds in saying that the time was up and Bigg Boss asked them for a name. Abhinav was shocked to hear that Sonali changed her mind every other minute. He walks away saying, “Uska ilaaj nahi hai.

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