Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni IMITATES Vikas Gupta when latter felt pain in his jaw

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni recalls an instance when Vikas Gupta felt pain in his jaw.


In the latest Voot Extra Masala, Aly Goni describes an instance when Vikas Gupta felt pain in his jaw. He reveals that before Vikas felt the pain in his jaw, Vikas and Aly were having a conversation and the former was pretty much normal. After a while, Aly saw him coming out from the washroom area, and suddenly Vikas sat down on the floor. He thought he might be doing something crazy stuff as he usually does. So, he went up to him and asked, “Kya hua Vikas?” He replied pointing towards the jaw, “Idhaar pain ho raha hai.”

Further Aly says that he thought Vikas might be facing the same dental problem which he had a few days ago. So he took that lightly and informed Nikki Tamboli who was right beside them. He said, “Maine Nikki ko bataya toh voh bolne lagi, HEHE isko kuch hogaya hai.” This made Aly laugh in front of Vikas when he was going through the pain. 

Furthermore, Aly says that he assumed Bigg Boss would call them in the living room, and ask Vikas to get some Medical assistant. “Mein shock ho gaya kyu ki Bigg Boss ne exactly voh hi kiya. But Vikas ko medical treatment nahi seedha ghar bhej diya,” says Aly. 

Later, Devoleena says that this all was telecasted on television, “Maine Yeh dekha hai TV pe, Bigg Boss ne dekhya hai ye.” Even Arshi Khan says, “Haan Yeh dikhaya gaya hai.”

Meanwhile, after Vikas Gupta returned, he slammed Aly for making fun of his pain. Aly clarifies himself and replies, “Bhai mai thode doctor hu, mujhe laga tere daant mai daard hai.” Everyone starts laughing for that moment as Aly imitates Vikas’s voice.