Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni consoles Rakhi Sawant, says he will offer namaz thrice a day for her mother

Rakhi Sawant was inconsolable as she learns that her mother will undergo surgery. Aly Goni says he will offer namaz thrice a day for her mother.

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, the family week continues. The contestants have had an emotional moment with their loved ones. In the latest episode, Rakhi Sawant got to interact with her mother via a video call. Her mother talked with her from the hospital bed. Rakhi’s mother told the actress that it has been three days since she was hospitalized and that her son-in-law Ritesh was taking good care of her. She also informed her daughter that she will have to undergo surgery. Hearing this Rakhi breaks down and asks her mother to get well for her.

Later, Rakhi Sawant has an emotional breakdown in the garden area. She prays to the god for her mother’s well-being. Aly Goni who was standing nearby came to her support and promised her that he will offer namaz thrice a day for her mother. Jasmin Bhasin also hugged Rakhi and consoled her.

Rakhi’s mother an internal bleeding problem related to her stomach for which she has to undergo surgery. Rakhi tells her that she has no one in life other than her hence she must get well soon. She also pleads her mother to ask Ritesh to come in public and reveal his identity. In the start of Friday’s episode, Rakhi shared her feelings with Arshi Khan. She told the other that she feels Ritesh forcefully got married to her and that’s why he isn’t saying anything. She adds that he agreed to the marriage after not appearing for three times. However, she also says that he might have certain reasons for not revealing himself.

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