Shark Tank India’s Ashneer Grover calls pitcher’s product ‘wahiyat’- Read details

BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover called an entrepreneur’s product ‘wahiyat’.

BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover, who is also seen as one of the ‘sharks’ on the reality show Shark Tank India. The shark looked upset after listening to a pitch by an entrepreneur. Moreover, he started mocking the entrepreneur for creating a ‘wahiyat’ product.

However, the entrepreneur’s product was a protective plastic ‘mask’ for a glass, to avoid contamination after repeated use. He also said that the goal is to make the use of the plastic attachment a habit, just like wearing masks has become a habit during the pandemic. Moreover, the entrepreneur asked for Rs 75 lakh, in exchange of 15% equity in the company.

To this, Ashneer immediately interrupted him by saying in Hindi, “I’m out. Boss, what are you doing? Is this a joke? Do you have a drinking problem? How did you even come up with an idea like this?” The entrepreneur replied that his product is a first-of-its-kind, Ashneer interjected, “Nobody will ever try and make something like this. This is the first and last time.”

The BharatPe co-founder further continued, “I have very strong views on this. Boss, listen, because you’re here, it means that someone else isn’t. Value the opportunity you’ve been given. Your product is terrible, I’ve never seen something as bad as this, and nor do I ever want to. Help me, God. I don’t want to see anything else after this.”

Subsequently, another shark Anupam Mittal tried to calm him down. He also told the entrepreneur that he shouldn’t get affected to criticism, because every aspiring businessperson has, at some point, been laughed at.

The reality show Shark Tank India, airs on Sony TV. It is based on the original American reality show, which has been running for 13 seasons since 2009.