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The Owl House season 3: episodes, release date and more

The third season of The Owl House has officially begun with the October 15 premiere of “Thanks to Them,” but viewers will have to wait a while before the subsequent special episodes air on the Disney Channel.


On October 15, 2022, the third season of Dana Terrace’s popular Disney Channel animated series The Owl House debuted. This season, the final one, will only have three episodes, each lasting around 45 minutes, as opposed to the other seasons’ several episodes. Fans were ecstatic but saddened by the opening episode of this season, “Thanks To Them,” since they realised it was the beginning of the end for their cherished series. However, the episode itself had plenty of action, character development, and plot advancement to hold viewers’ attention and hold them over until the next episode.

Following the release of Season 3, The Owl House viewers were finally able to resume following the emotional journey of Luz and her companions after more than a year of waiting. In the first episode of the special length, Luz eventually made her way back to the human realm, although she was accompanied by several of her Witch companions. They need to find a new route to the Boiling Isles now that the portal door has been destroyed.

The audience gets to discover more about Luz’s existence in the human world and the challenges she encountered before being cast into the Boiling Isles, even though Eda and King are both away for the duration of the episode.

Where to Watch?

Beginning on February 8, 2023, The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2 will be accessible on Disney Plus. The Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Now all have episodes of The Owl House available for viewers to watch. Fans can currently watch the first episode of the Owl House on Disney Now and Disney Plus, and they can also buy it on Google Play for only at $1.99.

Release dates for The Owl House season 3

The following episode, “For the Future,” will premiere on January 21, 2023, according to Disney Animation Promos on Twitter. The final special episode, which will probably air a few months into 2023, does not yet have a release date. Sadly, The Owl House will come to an end with this last episode.

Due to the show’s cancellation, the third season will air as three special-length episodes rather than the first two seasons’ regular episode lengths. The cancellation of the programme has deeply disappointed viewers, and The Owl House creators recently discussed how Luz’s story’s resolution has been affected. Additionally, there have been more current problems with the impending episodes, as Episode 2 leaks have caused chaos on the internet.