Outer Banks Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and much more!


Netflix’s Outer Banks has been in the news since its season 2 premiere. Now we have some more news about the upcoming season of the drama series.

Outer Banks Season 3 – Plot

Similar to “Outer Banks” Season 1, Season 2 finishes on a huge cliffhanger with consequences for the rest of the season. The Pogues briefly control a golden cross throughout the concert, but it eventually falls into the wrong hands. Once more, the group got so close to discovering a treasure that would significantly better their life, but everything fails at the last minute.

However, there is still hope for the future, and the Pogues may receive some unexpected support for Season 3. The major revelation at the end of the previous season was that Big John (Charles Halford), John B’s father, is still alive. Although Ward is said to have murdered him from the start of the series, his body was never discovered. He’s been hiding away all this time, it turns out. Big John promises to assist Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), who he is accompanying, in finding the shroud. She must, however, consent to support John B. in his endeavour.

Outer Banks Season 3 -Cast

On June 23, Netflix made cast additions for the upcoming season official. Carlos Singh, who is portrayed by Andy McQueen, is a “ruthless Caribbean Don on his own treasure quest.” Lou Ferrigno Jr., who portrays Singh’s chief security officer, will appear alongside McQueen. Additionally, Fiona Palomo will play Sofia in Season 3. According to Netflix, Sofia is “a self-identified Pogue who builds a deep relationship to Rafe.”

Madelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Austin North, Drew Starkey, and Charles Esten are all returning for Outer Banks Season 3 in addition to Chase Stokes. Carlacia Grant, who portrays Cleo, the newest member of the core group of Pogues friends, has reportedly been promoted to series regular, according to Deadline.

Outer Banks Season 3 – Release Date

The Outer Banks movie was scheduled to be filmed until August 19, according to What’s on Netflix. The state of the filming process, however, has not yet received any official updates. Outer Banks Season 3 will probably debut in the early months of 2023 if it is finished in August. The season is anticipated to last six months because there won’t be any significant CGI added to the show. So, unless there are any delays in the timeline, plan on a release date of February 2023.

What Happened in Season 2?

Similar to Season 1, Outer Banks Season 2 concluded with the Pogues experiencing a close call with death. The second season of the Netflix series focused a lot of attention on John B., Sarah, JJ, Kiara, and Pope as they searched for and sought to recover the stolen Cross of Santo Domingo. In the season finale, the crew sneaked onto the Coastal Venture and made an effort to seize the cross. After a wild gunfight, they were defeated and fled on a lifeboat. The Pogues celebrated being reunited and in safety – for the time being — even if they once again went empty-handed.

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Where to watch

The first two seasons of Outer Banks are available to stream.