Money Heist Director explains Why Nairobi had to die, ‘She would’ve had a hard time fitting in season 5’ | Business Upturn

Money Heist Director explains Why Nairobi had to die, ‘She would’ve had a hard time fitting in season 5’

The Spanish show, Money Heist, is an international phenomenal that truly took the world by surprise. Yet Money Heist’s beginning didn’t go according to plan and in its first season run, on Spanish TV, the show’s creators were certain it was going to be cancelled and that would be it. But fortunately for the rest of the world, Netflix saw potential in Money Heist and scooped it up as part of their international content. Little did they know that soon, Money Heist would be the most viewed Netflix show in many countries.

The death of one of the most admired Money Heist character – Nairobi in Season 4 was the most tear-jerking moments of the series. The gang is set to declare war against the enemy in the upcoming season of Money Heist to avenge the heart breaking death of Nairobi. Nairobi was first held captive, tortured, and then shot point-blank in front of her fellow gang members by Gandía, chief of security for the Bank of Spain, where the current robbery is set.


Jesús Colmenar spoke about how the death of Nairobi will motivate other characters and change the dynamics of the group in the upcoming season of the Netflix show:

Executive producer Jesús Colmenar said, “Nairobi represented the heart of the gang in a way, and in this last season she would have had a hard time fitting in because this is a season of direct confrontation. But her legacy is going to inspire the other characters.”

When asked what fans could possibly expect from the fifth season of the show, Colmenar added, “This season is very different from all the previous seasons, and we have put all our eggs in one basket to go out with a bang. The romantic and feel-good idea of a robbery without victims, of a struggle for freedom and resistance but without hurting anyone, smashes into the wall of reality in this last season. From now on, the characters will have to fight for their lives.”

Dropping a major hint, showrunner Alex Pina revealed that the season will edge towards the war genre. “This season is one of total destruction,” he assured.