Lock Upp: Will destroying yoga mat lead into a bitter situation for Azma Fallah inside the jail? Have a look

In the upcoming episode of lock upp the situation seems to get bitter in between Azma Fallah and the rest of contestants as she denies that she didn’t chopped off Saisha Shinde’s mat.


In the most controversial reality show of Kangana Ranaut, things seem to get controversial evey now and then, as there are stings of controversies that take place in the show. In the upcoming episode of lock upp, the blame game between Shivam Sahrma and Saisha Shinde. As Payal Rohatgi asks who has chopped of Saisha Shinde’s mat. On hearing this Shivam says I was not at all involved in this, this is done by Azma Fallah.

Payal says, the fight in between Shivam and Azma took place then what was the reason for chopping off the yoga mat. On hearing this Azma says, “I was sleeping at night, all this has been done by Shivam.” Prince says, “teri sakal pe likha hai ki tune kiya hai.” Prince says to Azma, “Saisha ne apka kya bigada tha.” On hearing all this, Azma says, “Shivam Bhi pillows kharab kar raha hai.” Payal says, “if you have from with someone else then why did you chop off Saisha’s yoga mat.” Payal goes on saying, “mujhe pata hai ki Shivam ne yoga mat nahi fada hai.”  On hearing all this Azma says, “I didn’t do it and I was not involved in all this.”  Shivam says to Azma, “isne jhooti kasam bhi khayi thi, uss din, kyuki issmei hai woh jhuuti kasam khaane wali baat.”