Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma wants to chop off Azma Fallah’s hair? Have a look

In the lock upp leak, it is seen that Azma Fallah and Shivam Sharma are in some fun mood. Shivam Sharma is even seen chopping out hair from Azma’s head.

In the most famous OTT show lock upp, the bond between Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah has created a lot of funny moments in the jail. At times both of them are seen pairing up for pranks and they are even seen making funny jokes upon each other. Once again both of them have created a funny moment in the jail, and Shivam even chops out a bit of Azma’s hair.

Shivam tells Azma that she is a “dhookebaaz.” On hearing that Azma replies “tu saabji kaat.” Shivam tells Azma, “tere aarmaon aur tere baalo ko bhi kaat dunga chudaail.” Shivam brings a pair of scissors and chops out Azma’s bit of hair. Shivam tells Azma, “Chudail toh tu hai contestant khaa gai ek.” After that Shivam turns down the table on which Azma was lying down. Shivam puts Azma’s chopped hair under the table and starts to chant, “aaltu jaalaitu iss chudali ko khaa tu.”  Shivam annoys Azma as he takes her hairband and puts it on lights. On seeing this Saisha shouts, “Perfect thank you Shivam.” Azma takes her hairband out, Shivam holds her up, and runs around the jail. In the end, he takes her to the kitchen and puts her down.

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