Lock Upp: Shisha Shinde and Poonam Pandey rap in front of Kangana Ranaut; Fans label it as “cringe”

After Ali Merchant, Saisha Shinde and Poonam Pandey also recite their rap in front of Kangana Ranaut.


Due to the presence of various controversial contestants, Ekta Kapoor’s Lock Upp reality show is generating a lot of buzz. They are, however, celebrities, and their existence is controversial. Every contestant has a unique set of skills. In their own areas, we all know how talented and engaging Poonam Pandey and Saisha Shinde are. But, to be honest, rapping isn’t their cup of tea.

A recently released promo of the judgement day segment of Lock Upp, showcases the rapping skills of several contestants, including Saisha and Poonam. When Kangana insisted them to recite their rap, they rapped, “Safaayi…! Safaayi… Safaayi… Safaayi! Kitchen me safaayi. Bedroom me safaayi. Bathroom me safaayi. Lekin kaale dilo ki no safaayi. Safaayi… Safaayi…!

Through, it is evident from the promo that Kangana is vibing on it but it doesn’t suit the audience’s taste. Many people from the audience labelled their rap as “cringe” while some are wondering why Kangana is vibing on that.



As one user put commented on the tweet which contains the promo, “Hey bhagwaan mereko uthaa le yeah dekhne se pehle se mereko uthaa le. After so much If I have to see this shit I am really done.” While another user criticised it saying, “Kaan se khoon aaraha haii..”

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