Lock Upp: Saisha Shinde tries to clear misunderstandings between her and Anjali Arora; Says, “Mein jo tujhe batati hu woh tere faide ke liye hi hota hai”

In the lock upp leak, the disputes between Anjali Arora and Saisha Shinde don’t seem to cool down, after the misunderstanding arises between them.

In the most famous reality show lock upp, the misunderstandings between Anjali Arora and Saisha Shinde didn’t seem to cool down. Saisha says to Anjali, I care about you and love you. Whatever I tell you try to keep it to yourself, as because whatever I tell you it is just for your benefit. Saisha goes on to say, “do whatever you and Munawar feel like doing, but don’t involve me into it.” On hearing this Anjali says whatever I said to you yesterday, it was not something, about a misunderstanding. “mene koi aag lagane k liye yeh sab nahi bataya tha, kaal.”

Saisha explains to Anjali and says, “Prince kaal yeh hi baata raha tha, ki mene kaase cheezo ko dekhungi.” Munawar on hearing this says to Anjali, “tujhmei akkal hai, tu usko bolegi toh who uss cheez ko kase lagi.” Munawar says to Anjali that, “Saisha is angry with me since yesterday just because of your one word.” “woh mujhse ukhdu hui hai, tere ekk baat ki wajah se, as he points out to Saisha when he says all this to Anjali. Saisha says to Anjali, you didn’t allow me to tell anything, and even I could not say anything to anyone. On hearing all this Munawar says, “isko chugli bolte hai, yeh jo sab ho raha hai isko, chugli bola jaata hai.”

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