Lock Upp: Road to Finale will make three contestants defuse a bomb to save their position in the jail

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, Saisha Shinde, Payal Rohatgin and Prince Narula are given the task to find the bomb diffuser in order to move forward in “safety ki race.”


In the most controversial show lock upp the days are coming nearer and nearer towards the finale. Whereas Shivam Sharma and Munawar Faruqui both of them are the two finalists as of now. On the other hand, the three contestants Saisha Shinde, Prince Narula and Payal Rohatygi are given the task to diffuse the bomb in order to move forward.

All three of them are advised to find the bomb diffuse kit, in order to save themselves. All of them are seen running in the house to keep away the diffuser away from three of them. After a while Payal says, “ase kapdo k andar nahi rakh sakte, isko abhi disqualified karo.” Anjali Arora finds Prince’s diffuser inside the treadmill. On seeing this Shivam Sharma says “isko kase pata hai, yeh kya scam hai.” Shivam gets angry and moves away. Shivam says “I don’t want to play just go and find it on your own.” Payal on seeing all this says, “durr baitho nah mere se dosti ka drama nahi kare, bol de nahi karna aur baat khatam ho gayi, disti dekhi hai naah ab dusmani bhi dekh.” Payal gets emotional and says, “why do you all do this, even I want to become a finalist.”