Lock Upp: Prince Narula slams Payal Rohatgi as he says, “Aapki baato mein kabhi koi logic nahi hota”

In the lock upp leak, Prince Narula slams out Payal Rohatgi on what he thinks about her as per the things that takes place in the show. Prince says to Payal, “Whatever you say that doesn’t contain any logic.”

In the most famous OTT show lock upp, where controversies take place every now and then which creates a lot of excitement among the fans. This time it is Prince Narula who is seen pointing out on what he wants to tell about Payal as per the things that take place in the show. Prince says, whatever Payal tells does not contain any logic. Prince goes on to say to Payal, “you don’t have the knowledge of the game now, you should do three-four more shows outside to gain more knowledge about the game.”

Payal has got good convincing power and even plays well, but she does not say any logical thing. Prince goes on to advise Payal and says her to stick to the point and keep it short to defend herself. Prince explains to Payal and says, “You should not enter into others’ stories to defend yourself.” Prince goes on to say that friendship and the bonds of the others should not be the part of your defense. On hearing all this Payal starts to replay Prince by saying, “you are telling me to say short and crispy lines, whereas you have given everyone the opportunity to speak more and more and for a longer period of time.”

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