Lock Upp: Prince Narula receives exclusive treatment for the kaidis; Gets foot massage from Shivam Sharma

Contestant Shivam Sharma along with the other inmates give Prince Narula exclusive treatment for the golden block he holds, needed for the task.


India’s most controversial show Lock Upp has notched the top place in India for it’s viewership. The show is expected to have it’s finale soon and Shivam Sharma has cracked it to the finale already. Kaidis were given a task in which they had a chance to kick out their fellow competitors.
In the recent episodes of the show, Prince Narula had kept the kaidis on their toes let that be in the case of task or house chores. He asked Shivam Sharma to entertain everyone for the safe of golden block, which Shivam Sharma undoubtedly pulled off. Later Prince Narula asked kaidis to give him best foot massage. Kaidis had to snatch away the golden block immediately jumped into the game and went on to give him foot massage and extra treatment.
Prince Narula asked, “ek kaam karo jo mujhe best massage dega….”
Kaidis immediately rush to complete trouble maker Prince Narula’s wish, give him foot massage, head massage and all the extra entertainment. Shivam Sharma mimicks a monkey and entertains the kaidis and trouble maker.