Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey has an emotional reunion with her mother; The latter proudly says, “Meri beti nahi beta hai ye”

Poonam Pandey’s mother embraced her by feeding her laddoo and talked good about her.

Lock Upp reality show is going through one of the most touching times. The inmates’ loved ones came to see them in Lock Upp prison in the most recent episode of Lock Upp, which was incredibly touching. Poonam Pandey, who hadn’t expected anybody to come to see her, was taken surprised when her mother came inside.

Poonam received a message from her sister before her mother’s arrival. Her mother came in shortly after the news was delivered and hugged her. The inmates all came to a halt as they shared an emotional reunion.

Poonam’s mother comforted her and urged that she stop crying. She kept talking to everyone and stated, “Ye ladki mereko bahut sukh di beta jeevan mein. Ye ladki har khushi poori ki hai. Zindagi mein aisa koi cheez nahi tha jo ye ladki ne humein di nahi hai. Rom rom se dua nikalta hai iske liye.”

She then feeds Laddoo to Poonam. After this, Poonam’s mother informed her that her sister-in-law had given birth to twin girls. She hugged and blessed every one of the ladies inside, wishing them happiness. While speaking with her fellow contestants, Poonam’s mother became tearful once more. “Meri beti nahi mera beta hai ye,” she embraced her, adding.

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