Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey and Azma Fallah make a deal to not to drag their families in ugly arguments

In the lock upp leak it is seen that Poonam Pandey and Azma Fallah both of them promise to each other for not using any bad words in their fight which indicates their family and their parents.

In the most controversial show lock upp, the fights and the disputes create massive riots in the jail. Not just the contestants are also seen slamming each other with bad words too, but at times they are also seen dragging each other’s personal matters and even family into the fights. The fight beetween Azma and Poonam has created a lot of impact on Poonam’s mind too. Poonam Pandey feels guilty as she comes in front of the camera and says, “kya baan rahi hu mei” with sobbing eyes. Poonam even tells to Azma Fallah that she is guilty of whatever she has told Azma. Azma says you should not have said such words about my father, you were the one who had begun the fight. On hearing this Poonam says, “bhul jaa.” “I am sorry.” Poonam joins her hands and apologized in front of Azma.

Poonam says that I had told you a lot of bad words, a lot of evil things. If it is possible please forgive me. I am no one to tell all these indicating anyone, and I am not like this either. On hearing this Azma says, “mene bhi tujhe bahut si ulti sidhi cheese boli hai.” Poonam tells Azma, “I will make sure that if anything happens between both of us I am not going to drag your parents and will not say anything about them.”Poonam hold Azma’s hands and says, “naah mei kabhi family pe jayungi, aur naah tu kabhi jana family pe.” Azma says it is the time we should look into our mistakes and try not to do them again. Azma advises to Poonam forget what has happened, and “every day is a new day.”

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