Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi crosses all the lines during a verbal spat with Zeeshan Khan; Tags him as, “namak haram”

Payal Rohatgi engaged in verbal spat with each other because Zeeshan approaches Karanvir for help.

Lock Upp reality show hosted by Bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut is getting more and more interesting day by day as normal verbal spats now took an ugly turn. It turns into personal attacks.

During a cooking assignment, both blocks were given similar quantities of ingredients from which to create a dish, with the winning block receiving an edge in the weekly challenge.


Meanwhile, Payal and Zeeshan Khan started arguing, and Zeeshan urged Kaaranvir to intervene, saying, “Kaaranvir bhai, bolo kuch!”

This enraged Payal more. She aggresively said, “Wo show ka leader nahi hai!”  She then refers to Zeeshan as “Namak Haram.”

Payal was so enraged that she screamed at Mandana and even referred to her as “uneducated.”

On the right block, there is a lot of discussion regarding who should handle the cooking. To please everyone and establish a conclusion, Kaaranvir endeavoured to serve as a mediator and a leader. When it comes to determining which prisoners would have to cook, though, the rivalry between Payal, Zeeshan, and Mandana is evident. During the work, Zeeshan calls Payal a “bimbo” in revenge.

It will be interesting to show how much this rivalry grows.

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