Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui reveals he has written a new comedy special during his tenure in jail

In lock upp leak Saisha Shinde tells Munawar Faruqui that he should write a book on his experiences. Munawar replies that, he has already written a new comedy special during that time.

In the lock upp leak, Saisha Shinde is seen giving advices to Munawar Faruqui. Saisha tells him to write a book, about his experiences, which will motivate so many people. On hearing this Munawar replies that, no. To which Saisha says, “Why you didn’t even thought about it?” Munawar replies to Saisha saying, “I want to write a stand up.” Saisha says standup can be written any time, but you should write a book even to inspire people around you, which will provide life lessons. You should think about witing a book now, as because it takes a lot of time in portraying the emotions, Saisha says. “yeh emotions ko likne mei bahut time jaata hai.”

Munawar then replies that when I was going to jail, I started writing my new comedy special which was about the arrest. Munawar says that the moment he was taken to the police station, the jokes came up in his mind regarding that situation. Munawar reveals that he was in a very bad condition during that time, “Munawar saya life k sabse bure din the woh.” Munawar says that he has a one hour thirty minutes show ready in his mind, regarding the time when he was in jail. Munawar says that the jokes are all about him, the arrest, and his release from the jail.


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