Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui is upset about the constant physical fights breaking out during the ‘Sharirik Shraam’

In the lock upp leak, it is seen that Munawar Farqui is upset with the physical fight that took place during the “Sharirik Shraam.”

In in the upcoming episode of lock upp fans will get to see, the Sharirik Shraam fight that took place between the contestants. Munawar is very upset with the fight that took place. Munawar says to the guards that even he was hit by the scissors. Munawar says, “dekho kaachi laker public aa rahi hai aur kaachi apan ko bhi lagi hai, lakin apan roona gaana nahi karte.” Munawar looks around the spot and says to the guards after the dispute that, “Just see whatever has happened and do whatever you feel like, just do the time up.” Munawar goes on to say that, time should be stopped for performing the task, as the contestants are seen getting into physical fights. Munawar says our “khatiyaa” is ready but the other team’s “khatiyaa” has been broken.

We don’t have the rolls anymore as it has been destroyed by the troublemaker. Munawar goes on to look into their “khatiyaa”, while Saisha and Poonam try to stop him from seeing their team’s “khatiyaa.” Prince meanwhile comes in between and says, “toh mei bhi jayunga.” Munawar says, “itna toh karne do.”  Prince is then seen carrying Munawar and goes and sits aside, as he stops him from going inside to look into their team’s “katiyaa.”

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